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A Light Shines in the Darkness
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A Light Shines in the Darkness

Craft Cafe
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Craft Cafe

Back to the Bottle - Delta Music
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Back to the Bottle - Delta Music

Graffiti Art Video
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Graffiti Art Video

This deeply personal and honest account of the heartbreaking details of domestic abuse, demonstrates the courage of the human spirit to make positive change in the midst of harrowing circumstances. The story is told by a ‘survivor’ (her own words) of domestic violence who refused to be a victim or live in abuse any longer. Her journey is one of great hope and transformation which is inspirational, without diluting the severity of this issue.

The Craft Cafe in Govan (Impact Arts) is a beautiful example of the power of creativity as a way of nurturing social connections and the impact this has on building communities. This short film provides a snapshot of the many benefits of developing creativity in a social setting with such a welcoming, positive and friendly atmosphere. The creative and social activities which Charlie Craig, the lead tutor, and the creative assistants provide each day show that this is therapy, personal development, emotional support and for many the 'antidote to loneliness'.

The process for creating this music video required the development of many new skills including storyboarding, writing lyrics, creating a melody, collaboratively deciding on a music genre, singing and recording music together and acting and filming a narrative video. It was both challenging for the young people involved as well as great fun. The project was supported by the youth workers at a local community church.

Graffiti Art Project This fantastic project was a collaboration between two youth groups, a graffiti artist and Reel People Scotland. The idea behind the project was to learn about graffiti art as a form for expressing individuality and imagination. It was also a tool to work together and inspire other forms of creativity, including drawing, painting, symbolism and film-making.

'SEE ME' was the pilot project of Reel People with

DELTA youth group and was an inspiration for

many of our projects which followed. Looking at

the impact of social media on a variety of issues

including self-image, self esteem and mental health,

this short film was a revealing glimpse into the lives

of young people today. The group of young people

who made the film articulated with real honesty and

courage the emotional reality behind the images we

project through social media. The film is creatively

expressed as well as raising awareness of the power of

social media on our well-being.

Family, Feelings and the Future is a short film created

by 6 young people and focuses on a portrait of 3 young

males who live in Kinship families. The project involved

a 12 week process which included discussions and

activities to explore personal experience. It also included

the development of film-making skills which were used by

the young people to make this film. The process nurtured

trust and confidence within the group and between project


Roads to Recovery is one of a series of short films focusing

on recovery from addiction . A group of 6 young adults

honestly share their experience before, during and after addiction. They discuss the depths of addiction and the

benefits of recovery. During the project they learned about

the film making process and the skills required. They also

greatly benefited from exploring and expressing their own journey with others through film. 

Fragments of Youth is a short film made by a local youth

group celebrating individuality and personal experience.

The project involved research, group discussion and learning

about the use of sound recording, camera work, lighting and

the importance of setting and style. The focus of the project

was the uniqueness of each young person and the importance

of self worth. 

Claire's Story is an intimate account of the devastation

of addiction and the beauty of recovery. Claire shares 

about the power of denial even from a young age as a

way to avoid feelings of social anxiety, low self-esteem 

and depression. Through learning about the film-making

process Claire has been inspired to create her own travel

video vlog documenting her travels and whilst volunteering

in India and Asia. 

Kieran's Story is a powerful insight into the impact of

addiction on mental health and relationships. Kieran

honestly shares how even status and financial success

could not alleviate his dis-ease with himself and that

turning to drink and drugs became the problem and not

the solution. 

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