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What we do?

‘Finding our spirit, our voices and a way to celebrate our lives together’

Reel People aim to develop:


  • creative skills


  • personal expression and well-being


  • relationships with others and their community




Our projects provide:


  • weekly workshops to teach and facilitate a variety of creative and practical skills including film-making and other expressive art forms


  • Opportunity to develop confidence, self-expression and well-being whilst working with others.


  • Mentoring, individual support and attention to help build personal capacities and creative skills



​Our projects are tailored to specific needs and interests of each group.


On average they may last anything from 4-12 weeks and include about 4-10 participants with 2 or 3 Reel People staff.


​Our projects may also open up possibilities for education, training or work in the creative industries.


Contact us to discuss a possible project and using our services.

We’d love to hear from you.

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